Title: Sponsor Showcase
Date: Tue Aug 2, 2016
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Moderator: Dave Lundberg
Data Management: The Achilles Heel of Precision Ag Technologies
Matt Waits (speaker)
Proagrica Enterprise, Operations, Support & Management
Stillwater, OK
Matt Waits is CEO of the Americas for Proagrica – formerly known as SST Software. Since 1999, Matt has guided the development of enterprise level data management platforms that provide decision support tools to help farmers worldwide achieve long term sustainability. This platform is now the chosen infrastructure for data management and services for 130 million acres across the United States, Canada, Australia and South America. Proagrica’s ongoing mission is to integrate and revolutionize data capabilities across the agricultural supply chain to create future productivity gains. Matt has led the integration of the two businesses solutions that enhance the services provided to agronomists and growers. This integration has opened up exciting opportunities for the development of business intelligence and analytics tools which Matt is leading utilizing Proagrica’s agX platform, delivering a new generation of geospatial analytics. Currently working on cross-platform integration for Proagrica’s suite of data solutions through increased visibility and communication, Matt is determined to see his vision of profitable and cohesive data-driven agriculture become a reality.
Length (approx): 40 min
Who’s on Your Team? How You Can Connect People, Technology and Insight to Gain a Greater Advantage

Farming is a team sport- where a winning season can mean increased productivity  and profitability. Find out how the John Deere Precision ag solution can support your contributions to the grower's team. 

Lane Arthur (speaker)
Director for the Information Solutions Business
John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group
Lane Arthur, Ph.D. is the Director for the Information Solutions business in John Deere's Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG). In his role, he is responsible for the design, development, delivery, and support of information-enabled solutions. These solutions allow growers, input providers and agriculture solutions providers to leverage their data and develop insights to make their operations more profitable and productive. Lane will continue development and execution of the John Deere Operations Center with accountability for the growth and profitability of the Information Solutions business. Prior to joining John Deere, Lane held a variety of roles within DuPont. Since 2009, he was the vice-president and chief information officer for the DuPont Pioneer business. He led the information technology planning and strategy development in partnership with business leadership, with emphasis on creating added business value through innovative uses of company information. He was instrumental in the formation of Precision Ag IT group. Lane also had additional broad responsibilities across DuPont where he led the IT efforts for: - DuPont's cybersecurity initiative - Integrated Operations - Research & Development - Corporate Marketing & Sales - Three other DuPont businesses - Crop Protection, Nutrition & Health, Industrial Biosciences In 2005, he relocated to Wilmington, Delaware and was responsible for the strategy and delivery of Information Technology for the global DuPont R&D organization. In 1997, he began with DuPont Pioneer as an IT leader in the R&D organization. He led groups that developed computational methods, data analytics, and software development; he was jointly responsible for multi-scale agronomic and genetic modeling initiative. Prior to working in the corporate world, Lane conducted research programs at the USDA and University of Georgia on maize, pearl millet, sorghum and turf grasses. Lane graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Biochemistry. He received his Masters of Arts, Genetics & Development; Masters of Philosophy, Genetics.
Length (approx): 40 min
Data to Decision and Application

Agriculture today is more complicated than ever. With so many innovative technologies and sources of data, it can be overwhelming to navigate what tools you should be using and which ones work with one another.  This presentation focuses on agricultural tools, including UAV imagery, that can provide meaningful data on crop health and how that data can be made actionable through application technology from Raven.  Come join us for some practical insight and information on available tools that you can deploy to save on inputs and increase profitability.

Tim Heins (speaker)
Director of Product Management
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Tim Heins is the Director of Product Management for the Applied Technology Division of Raven Industries. In his 9+ years at Raven he has overseen various product launches and now leads an amazing team of product professionals. He was fortunate enough to graduate from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. His early work experience entailed designing circuits and building products for the health care and EMC test markets. Tim furthered his education at the University of Texas – Austin where a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management brought some much needed business perspective to the equation and led him to Raven as a Product Manager. While Tim did not grow up on a farm, his small-town Midwest roots and engineering background have created a passion for delivering great products to the Ag market.
Length (approx): 40 min