Title: 10 Things
Date: Tue Jul 23, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Moderator: Casey Niemann
What End Users Disliked About AgTech in 2018

While much changed occurred in the AgTech sector in 2018, not all of it was good. That change continues at an extremely fast pace, however it is not enough, or not the right kind of change for many end users. After seeing these user frustrations boil over, I created a crowd-sourced list of the frustrations many users have with AgTech. In this session, I will discuss what issues I found within marketing, products and services, and personnel. I will also discuss what’s missing from offerings within AgTech that could solve some user frustrations.

Aaron Bobeck (speaker)
AgTech Consultant and Farm Equipment Sales Consultant
Syracuse, IN 46567
Aaron was raised on a 1,800 acre grain farm in North-Central Indiana. He graduated from Purdue University in 2010 with degrees in Ag Systems Management and Ag Economics. After college, Aaron worked at a John Deere dealership selling equipment and supporting Precision Ag products. Aaron currently works independently with growers and companies in Ag sector doing technology consulting and selling farm equipment, along with helping on the family farm. Aaron writes and answers questions around Ag and technology on Twitter @AaronBobeck, and on his blog
Length (approx): 40 min
AgTech Group Therapy

Have you questioned AgTech or become frustrated by Precision Ag in any way? Join this session where I will talk about the hype and realities surrounding this High-Tech Agricultural space while talking to a few leaders in the industry about their biggest frustrations within it. Kleenex, stress balls, and punching bags are recommended to bring.

Nathan Faleide (speaker)
Strategic Initiatives Manager
Wheatland, ND, NA
Nathan is currently the Strategic Initiatives Manager for AgIntegrated, an independent provider of software consulting and precision ag related technologies. Formerly, he was the CEO for Satshot, an agricultural remote sensing software system which he currently consults for still. Nathan has been involved in the precision ag industry for more than 20 years working besides Satshot with his family, while also having worked extensively in the crop insurance industry. This all stems from a strong background in Agriculture with him growing up on a farm in central North Dakota and farming himself in the past.
Length (approx): 40 min
Questions Before Precision Purchase: Sniffing Out Digital Snake Oil

Precision agriculture technologies have been available for adoption and utilization at the farm level for several decades. Farm data flowing from precision agricultural technology mated with publicly and privately available data in an aggregated community provides opportunity to farmers and the agricultural industry. The value of farm data will be discussed from different perspectives including how imitator services may be developed. The promise of precision agriculture has not been fully met even for the purest intentions; some precision technologies have been readily adopted while others more slowly. Uncertainty surrounding precision agricultural tools have created opportunity for nefarious products and services, i.e. digital snake oil. Based on his experiences, Terry describes how digital snake oil could be created and marketed. These discussions are useful to farmers considering investment in technology, retailers targeting potential technology adopters, and manufacturers in supply chain management.

Terry Griffin (speaker)
Cropping Systems Economist
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
Dr. Terry Griffin is the Cropping Systems Economist at Kansas State University. He currently serves as Treasurer of the International Society of Precision Agriculture. His research evaluates the profitability and adoption of agricultural technology including spatial analysis techniques to analyze communities of aggregated digital farm data. For his achievements in advancing digital agriculture, Griffin has received the 2014 Pierre C. Robert International Precision Agriculture Young Scientist Award and the 2010 PrecisionAg Award of Excellence for Educators & Researchers. In addition to presenting across North America, Terry has delivered invited presentations in Europe, Africa, and Australia.
Length (approx): 40 min