Title: Sponsor Showcase 5
Date: Wed Jul 24, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:20 PM
Moderator: Reagan Noland
AI Meets Agriculture: Harvesting Actionable Insights with Machine Learning

In a recent survey conducted by Object Computing, Inc., 86% of respondents across a wide range of industries agreed that machine learning (ML) is essential to remaining competitive in today's economy, yet only 12% felt strongly that their organizations currently lead in its application.

That leaves approximately 74% who recognize a need to innovate using ML but have yet to initiate a strategy that assists them in uncovering truly valuable data.

Our takeaway? Business leaders need a fast, uncomplicated path to ML implementation.

To meet this need, our team has developed a groundbreaking new solution that leverages proven ML patterns to significantly accelerate the process by which ML generates breakthrough predictive insights – insights that can be used to match products to customer needs, increase production efficiencies, improve supply chain certainty, and more.

In this talk, we provide a sneak peek at this revolutionary new technology and demonstrate how the insights gleaned from its use can be used to improve processes and gain a competitive advantage across all industries, especially agriculture.

Tonya Ehlmann (speaker)
Director of Machine Learning Business Strategy
Object Computing, Inc.
St. Louis, MO 63141
As Director of Machine Learning Business Strategy for Object Computing, Inc. (OCI), Tonya Ehlmann works with clients and partners to build technology solutions that connect systems and data, streamline decision-making, and accelerate speed to market through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Tonya has nearly twenty years of deep industry experience, recently serving as a key leader for a Fortune 500 agricultural biotechnology company. Her work has had global impact in the delivery of insect-resistant and herbicide-tolerant seed varieties that have transformed agriculture and improved rural prosperity. Tonya also pioneered the application of AI, Big Data, and the internet of things (IoT) to create predictive digital advisors that enable digital farming and create new value. She has a proven track record of building next-level teams where innovation, personal flair, and focused outcomes combine to ignite game-changing creativity that snowballs into industry-changing new value. Tonya served as a Science and Technology Fellow (2018) at Monsanto (now Bayer), a company recognized for scientific innovation, community engagement, and business impact. She has led more than 10 patent filings spanning key scientific innovations in the application of machine learning to enable product placement and product portfolio optimization. When she's not using technology to light up the world, Tonya focuses on inspiring a high-energy, creative environment where all team members can be their best selves.
Jason Bull (speaker)
Vice President, Machine Learning
Object Computing, Inc.
St. Louis, MO 63141
As Vice President, Machine Learning for Object Computing, Inc. (OCI), Dr. Jason Bull contributes more than 20 years of expertise inventing, operationalizing, and commercializing transformational technology and business models in Agriculture. He brings a visionary, analytics-driven approach to his quest to co-create a better, more sustainable, and more prosperous future for farmers. Jason was a key executive leader in a Fortune 500 Agricultural Biotechnology company where his work was recognized by Forbes for accelerating the development of analytics-driven decision models to transform an industry-leading, global R&D pipeline. He also pioneered the application of AI, Big Data, and IoT to create predictive digital advisors that are enabling digital farming and transforming agriculture. Jason holds numerous patents, has been the recipient of multiple awards for technological innovation, and has served as a volunteer advisor for an economic empowerment initiative in Sri Lanka. When he's not fusing business innovation with technology innovation to change the world, he is focused on inclusion and development of women leaders in technology and cheering for his son, who is an inspiration in the special needs community.
Length (approx): 20 min
Accelerating Adoption

By putting the Farmer at the center of solutions, companies can reach their commercial objectives.  Learn how IN10T, a digital agriculture company, focuses on Accelerating Adoption of new technologies in agriculture.  Through the IN10T FarmerTrials network, IN10T works directly with farmers in evaluating, improving and adopting new technologies.  IN10T delivers solutions from trials to go-to-market utilizing a wide array of technologies bringing them together to fully understand the performance of a technology on farm, how the farmer experience is perceived and ultimately the best path for commercial success.  Everything we do is driven by data and is fully scalable in our client’s environment.  When we work with farmers and utilize the right technologies for the job, our clients and farmers win with successful adoption of technology.

Randall Barker (speaker)
, NA
Randall Barker is the CEO of IN10T, an Agricultural Company focused on the use of technology to accelerate customer adoption. Randall is the co-founder of the business which draws on his vast global experience in launching agricultural technologies in over 30 countries over the past 25 years. Randall began his career in Canada at Agricore United later joining Monsanto Canada as Vice President of Crop Protection serving agriculture, forestry and industrial businesses. He then relocated to Monsanto’s global headquarters in St. Louis taking on various senior leadership roles with global responsibility. Randall holds a Diploma in Seed Technology form Olds College, a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Economics from the University of Lethbridge, and an MBA from the University of Guelph.
Length (approx): 20 min
How Real-Time Analytics and Insights Drive Agronomic and Economic Value

Digital analytics and data insights taken from and above the field are helping producers, trusted advisors, and the enterprise improve profitability, outcomes, and land stewardship.  This presentation will provide an overview of some recent advancements in AI and machine learning and how they're being applied to support precision application, better recommendations, and faster time-to-action.  We'll focus on tools that support seed performance, disease and pest management, and nutrition optimization, but also touch on applications outside of traditional row crop markets, and touch on successes applying these technologies to traditional and outcome-based business models.

Eric Taipale (speaker)
CEO and Co-Founder
Minneapolis, MN, NA
Eric J. Taipale, Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of Sentera, Inc. has over 20 years of experience successfully leading teams and organizations that advance drone, sensor, and software technologies. Preceding the formation of Sentera, Taipale was the Chief Technology Officer of FourthWing Sensor, Inc. He joined FourthWing from Lockheed Martin where he held a number of senior technical, business development, and program management roles, most recently serving as Chief Engineer of the Unmanned Solutions business area, with operations in Alabama, California, New York, and Utah. Previously, he served as Director of Engineering at Goodrich, now Collins Aerospace. Taipale has a broad range of experience in the design, production, and sustainment of sensors, mission systems and platforms, which spans a number of manned and unmanned airborne, surface and subsurface platforms. At Sentera, Taipale leads a talented team of business and technical professionals who deliver affordable, high-precision data and knowledge products into the agriculture industry. Taipale holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona.
Length (approx): 20 min
The Reality of AI, Machine and Deep Learning, and Blockchain in Agriculture.

Artificial Intelligence is such a buzzword today.  Suddenly, everyone is an expert in how to use AI and overnight there are companies doing it.  How much of it is real?  How much is nothing more than marketing tactics? Join Craig Ganssle, Founder & CEO of Farmwave, and learn about the truth and the reality behind machine and deep learning, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. See it in action with real-world examples during this session as Farmwave launches never been seen before tech at InfoAg 2019. Because in an industry of constant changes and decisions your AI better be as good as you are. There’s no room for error when it comes to food.

Craig Ganssle (speaker)
Founder & CEO
Alpharetta, GA, NA 30022
Craig Ganssle is the Founder and CEO of FARMWAVE, an agriculture technology company that is transforming the world’s agricultural information into AI data models that power decision-making and preserve the future of farming. In 2008, Craig was one of the first Google Glass Explorers. Craig’s vision for Glass led his team to develop Farmwave, the world’s first wearable application for crop scouting. Farmwave offered farmers a truly hands-free solution utilizing image recognition, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Today, Craig leads a seasoned team of visionaries, technical engineers, designers, and strategists working together to introduce Farmwave to growers and their partners in the global food supply chain. Farmwave is built to transform the world’s agricultural information into AI data models that power decision-making and preserve the future of farming. Using Farmwave, farmers can reduce crop destruction and increase their yields by 20-30%.
Length (approx): 20 min