Title: Workshop 4
Date: Wed Jul 24, 2019
Time: 1:20 PM - 3:20 PM
Moderator: Jurriaan Ruys
IoT Workshop

This workshop is divided into 3 sections with presentations from Sensoterra, Senet, and Teralytic.

Main points of the presentation by Sensoterra:

- What are the biggest problems in agriculture that LoRaWAN can help with

- Biggest barriers to feeling the benefits

- ROI, connectivity, sensors, availability, skills, costs, data management, integration

Main points of the presentation by Senet:

- LoRa/LoRaWAN technology and its benefits for smart agriculture

- General use cases on smart agriculture

- In depth on one particular project

- Q&A

Main points of the presentation by Teralytic:

- Overview of Teralytic pilots in Smart Agriculture

- Lessons learned and early field data

- Customer use cases and feedback

Jurriaan Ruys (speaker)
Jurriaan is CEO and co-founder of Sensoterra, an IoT soil moisture sensor company. He is also CEO of Land Life, a global nature reforestation company. Previously, Jurriaan was a chemical engineer at Shell, partner at McKinsey & Company and COO at Eneco (sustainable energy company). He lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with his wife and three children.
Noelani McGadden (speaker)
VP of IoT
Noelani McGadden is a high-energy speaker with over 25 years experience that span wireless, mobile cable/broadband and startup industries. She has worked as a consultant with a host of channels including ATT, Charter, Verizon, KDDI, Samsung, Tmobile and Telia Mobitel to name a few. As a result of her experience in this market, Noelani has deep expertise in creating strategic go-to-market plans around value-added services and has helped telecom providers exploit new business models based on IoT specialized services. She understands the challenges around creating a framework in nascent markets and has prepared “connected-product” support strategies for IoT companies to accelerate adoption and drive long-term brand value. She has lived and worked in Japan, Israel, the Netherlands & Sweden and has spoken on IoT and design at Carnegie Mellon University. In her spare time, she watches her daughters in gymnastics/diving and her son in golf/hockey.
Jason Steffen (speaker)
Agronomist/Senior Field Technician
I got my BS in Agronomy-Crop Production from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I worked 4 years in retail agriculture and then moved on to manage the precision ag program for a cooperative in Northeast Nebraska for 7 years. I then moved to California where I worked for Novariant - AutoFarm (an autosteering company) in various roles including service, engineering, and documentation. From there I moved to Trimble where I got back into the agronomy side of things and worked as a Precision Support Specialist for their Agri-Trend Network. That takes me to today where I now work at Teralytic as their Senior Field Technician and agronomist who is responsible for helping customers integrate our technology into their farms.
Length (approx): 120 min