Title: Sponsor Showcase 4
Date: Wed Jul 24, 2019
Time: 1:20 PM - 3:20 PM
Moderator: Todd Peterson
Why Offline and In-Field Drone Mapping is the Key to Digital Farming

Drone imagery has applications that support farm decisions around the season. From scouting to variable rate application and insurance claims, the decisions derived from this information have a domino effect that requires immediate actions. Pix4D will showcase examples of how offline and in-field software products are the key in today digital farming. It’s about mapping but also about capturing the stories and supporting good agronomic practices directly from the field.

Jorge Fernandez (speaker)
Head of Product, Agriculture
Berlin, Berlin
Jorge is located in Pix4D Berlin office and is responsible for the product offering of Pix4D in the Agriculture industry. Having experience in geospatial, drone and agriculture industry, Jorge has a deep understanding of the AgTech market needs, and has translated his knowledge into the Pix4D agriculture offering. Jorge is responsible for Pix4D’s strategic partnerships and for product business development strategies for the agriculture industry.
Nathan Stein (speaker)
Senior Business Development Manager, Agriculture - North America
, IA, NA

Nathan is a 5th generation farmer from Iowa and holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Iowa State University.  He has been involved in precision ag since 2011, started with senseFly as an application engineer in 2014, pioneered the "Drone to Tractor" workflow with Pix4D in 2015, and “Aerial Scouting” workflow in 2018. He contributed to the development of the industry’s first mass-produced multispectral camera for ag, the Parrot Sequoia.  Nathan has served as the chair of the Remote Sensing Working Group at Ag Gateway and led the PICS specification development. Nathan joined the Pix4D team this spring as their business development in North America.  

Length (approx): 20 min
Co-Creation – Building Better Remote Sensing Products Together for Agriculture

By 2050 the production of basic staple foods will have to increase by 70% to feed almost 10 billion people. That feat will require significant technological advances. It will require experts from many disciplines to work together to create new innovative solutions. AgNeo, the newest agriculture solution from Airbus is being built through a co-creation process in partnership with customers like Simplot and John Deere.

Airbus has a long history in remote sensing, providing Earth observation imagery for over 30 years, starting with the operation of our SPOT satellites but also including our design and build of the Sentinel satellites. Over these 30 years, we have grown our expertise in several fields including agriculture. In partnership with Arvalis, Airbus has been providing nitrogen recommendations to French farmers tuned for their local agronomy for over 15 years. To further advance products and services in agriculture, Airbus recognizes that the future lies in partnership and collaboration. Learn about Airbus’s latest advances in agriculture such as Verde, and the roadmap to the future through the co-creation of AgNeo.

Sky Rubin (speaker)
Agriculture Sales Manager
Fort Collins, CO, NA 80525
Sky has worked in the remote sensing industry since 2007 across multiple verticals including Agriculture, Engineering, and Oil & Gas. Sky is responsible for the Agricultural and Environmental accounts in the Americas and focuses on helping with custom solutions to maximize efficiency and provide value to his clients. Sky is based the Airbus office in Fort Collins, Colorado, when not at work you are most likely to find him in exploring the Rocky Mountains.
Eric Johnson (speaker)
Sales Manager for Agriculture in US
Fort Collins, CO
Eric has been in precision agriculture professionally and in practice on the family farm for over 20 years. Combined with his degree and work in the remote sensing industry, he is uniquely qualified to understand how imagery analytics can benefit agriculture. Eric is part of the North American Agriculture and Forestry sales team an based in the Airbus office in Fort Collins, Colorado. Eric is focused on bringing Airbus products and solutions that provide value to his clients.
Length (approx): 20 min
Why Financial Advisors and CPAs Are Working with Agronomists in a New Way

K-Coe Isom, a leading financial services firm focused on the Agricultural market, is now engaging digitally with agronomists and ag specialists in servicing their grower-customers.  Come learn about what this means for growers, agronomists, and co-ops and their digital information and why K-Coe Isom chose Agworld as the platform of the future.

Zach Sheely (speaker)
President Agworld USA
Sacramento, CA
Zach Sheely joined Agworld in March 2012 and is currently President of Agworld's USA operations. Zach holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Westmont College. Zach has over 20 years' experience in agribusiness and is a third generation farmer himself, hailing from a cotton & pistachio farm in Central California. Zach is passionate about finding, developing, integrating and implementing the key technologies that will enable growers, their advisors and service providers to drive agriculture into the future we know is possible.
Length (approx): 20 min
Competitive Advantage Through Innovation

The definition of true value is changing; it’s no longer enough to rely on traditional services and relationships. The industry is continuing to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, creating more competition and more demand for a full-service farm solution that delivers enhanced connectivity, actionable insights and measurable results. Is your business prepared to meet the growing needs of your customers?

Join this session to explore how digital innovations can help you gain a strategic competitive advantage to increase service revenue, enhance sales and build an unbreakable bond with each customer.

Ron Osborne (speaker)
Chief Strategy and Product Officer
Farmers Edge
Winnipeg, MB
Ron brings a diverse 10-year background in software-as-a-service design, development and innovation. In addition to agriculture and logistics hardware and telematics innovation, Ron has also previously helped design and build risk management software for financial institutions, including lenders, insurance companies and more. As part of the Senior Management Team, Ron will continue to develop new and innovative hardware and software for farmers and partners around the world.
Length (approx): 20 min
Customer Panel: Getting Past 10% (Grower Digital Adoption)

This session addresses the challenge of getting more growers to adopt a digital strategy. Jason will be joined by colleagues who share stories from the digital road. Discover how trusted advisors are taking it to the next level. Are you ready to be a data coach?

Jason Tatge (speaker)
Founder, CEO, and President
Leawood, KS 66211
Jason Tatge is co-founder and CEO of Farmobile. For more than 16 years, he has been a driving entrepreneurial force behind leading internet and Ag-Tech companies. His previous company, Farms Technology, created an electronic marketplace to automate grain transaction and risk management processes, offering automated hedging algorithms accessible via smartphones and tablets. After its sale to DuPont/Pioneer, Jason became intensely interested in using IoT devices to passively collect data from farm equipment as farmers operate on their land. Half of U.S. farmers leave this valuable data locked in their machines. In 2013, Farmobile was created to provide farmers with real-time access to their data and a collect-share-sell digital strategy. Jason has a financial economics degree from Gustavus Adolphus College and a MBA from The Fogelmen School at The University of Memphis.
Length (approx): 40 min