Title: Sponsor Showcase
Date: Wed Aug 3, 2016
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:20 PM
Moderator: John McGuire
Encirca Services
Harley Janssen (speaker)
Manager Services Application
DuPont Pioneer, Encirca Services
Johnston, IA 50131
Length (approx): 20 min
From Space to the Fields, How to Manage Crops with Satellite Imagery

Planet has a bold mission: to image the entire Earth every day, and make global change visible, accessible and actionable. 

Planet doesn’t image anywhere – but everywhere.  Our high-frequency satellites deliver a constant stream of current information to identify changes in crops and soil. This continuous flow of data is a game-changer for agriculture: near real-time crop health monitoring, dynamic management zones, automated crop scouting alerts, predictive models, and more. Join Planet’s agriculture experts for a fireside chat style discussion on how high-quality, accurate, near real-time agricultural monitoring can benefit the entire value chain, from smallholder farmers to multinational agribusiness companies. 

Lee Smith (speaker)
Account Executive
San Francisco, CA
Andrew Pylypchuk and Lee Smith are Account Executives at Planet, specialized in solutions for the Agriculture industry. Between them, they have more than twenty-five years of experience in the geospatial field. They use their expertise to help commodities merchants, large-scale growers and ag retailers get the most out of the growing season. Andrew holds a degree in geography from Trinity Western University in Canada. Lee has an MBA from Colorado Technical University and served in the US Navy.
Andrew Pylypchuk (speaker)
Length (approx): 20 min
Visualizing On-Farm Data for Deeper Field Insights

New digital ag tools are giving farmers seamless data integration and visualization for a deeper understanding of their fields. These tools allow farmers to more easily create plans, monitor field health, evaluate hybrid performance and yield, and help get the most out of every acre. All on a single, integrated platform. Join us to learn more about how Climate FieldView™ can put your data to work on your farm. 

Brad Roberts (speaker)
Sr. Marketing Manager
The Climate Corporation
Brad has worked in the agriculture industry for over 11 years with Monsanto Company. He joined The Climate Corporation in February of this year as a Senior Marketing Manger with primary emphasis on the Field Insights features within the Climate FieldView™ product. Prior to Climate, Brad led marketing efforts in a variety of roles for brands including Asgrow soybeans, DEKALB corn and Deltapine cotton. He has also served in the corporate offices managing the America’s Farmers Grow America and Farm Mom of the Year programs. Brad is a native St. Louisan who enjoys seeing the agriculture technology boom come to reality and is excited for what the future of the industry holds.
Length (approx): 20 min
Power Your Ag Data Analysis with ClearAg

ClearAg enables better cropping insights with accurate weather and environmental information

As farmers increasingly work with agribusinesses that offer value from analysis of their field and crop data, a challenge exists to appropriately understand the context of the local cropping environment where the data came from.  Iteris offers ClearAg which is a leading precision farming platform delivering weather, water, soil and crop health advisory services to agribusinesses and users who need the most accurate, location-based information available on a worldwide basis.  Through advanced adaptive-modeling technology ClearAg alleviates challenges of in-field sensors while embracing field-expert observations.

Jeff Keiser (speaker)
Vice President, Strategic Sales & Marketing
Santa Ana, CA, NA
Jeff Keiser is VP of Strategic Sales and Marketing at Iteris, in the Performance Analytics Division. In this role, Jeff is responsible for the establishment of strategic partnerships, review of emerging technologies, competitive market analysis, growth and management of sales and marketing team, and the creation of long-term value for the Performance Analytics Division. Currently, Jeff and his team work to establish ClearAg in the agriculture market. Prior to this role, Jeff worked in business development at John Deere.
Length (approx): 20 min