Title: UAS Applications
Date: Wed Aug 3, 2016
Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Moderator: Ian Yule
Beyond the 'Wow' Factor

Many reports continue to surface about the transformational opportunity that drones provide for agriculture.  With boots on the ground in Canada, Norm Lamothe will identify where the current ROI is, where the likely future is and how adoption curves amongst growers are likely to increase as data driven decisions become more prevalent in agriculture.

Norm Lamothe (speaker)
Head, UAS Agriculture
Deveron UAS
Toronto, ON M5H 2S8
Combining his passions for aviation and agriculture, Norm started a UAV imagery business for agriculture, which was acquired by Deveron UAS in 2015. Using advances in hardware, sensor, and software capabilities he has helped growers
Length (approx): 40 min
UAS: Brazil - Practical Applications of UAS

The UAS has revolutionized the way of thinking crop production, especially in large areas of the Brazilian Cerrado, an extremely challenging environment. The presentation will show initial difficulties in adopting the UAS, such as choosing the most suitable platform, to the enormous possibilities of transforming information into effective agronomic decisions. The use of aerial mapping technology, under a Brazilian end-user perspective. Its use in the Brazilian Cerrado, to identify the key factors of production in the fields, seeking for new yield levels; plant population count and yield estimate (mainly maize seed production fields); agronomic work on sugarcane such as planting failures and marking planting rows; and the use of information for greater assertiveness in the nutritional management of main crops.

Estevão Parreira (speaker)
Geaap Agrociencias Ltd
Uberlândia, MG
Estevão, Steven, Parreira is an agronomist specialist in plant nutrition in Brazilian Cerrado biome. Founder and CEO of Geaap Agrociências, a precision farming company that, in addition to providing sampling services, soil testing, variable rate applications and aerial mapping with UAS, develops and improves methods for greater success of the PA in such a challenging environment as Brazilian Cerrado. He is also the technical director of the Brazilian Association of Precision Farming Services Providers (ABPSAP) and passionate about agricultural technologies and their practical applications.
Length (approx): 40 min
Agriculture and Part 107: What It Does and What Is Needed

With the FAA announcement of Part 107 in June there is certainty that commercial UAS in the United States is here to stay. However, there is still work that needs to be done. Hear from Robert Blair, UAS pioneer, on where the industry started to where we are at today. He will discuss the impact of Part 107 and what that means for the agriculture industry.

Robert Blair (speaker)
Farmer and Vice President of Agriculture
Robert Blair is the VP of Agriculture for Measure, Drone as a Service and a fourth generation farmer from north central Idaho managing 1,300 dryland acres of wheat, barley, peas, lentils, chickpeas, alfalfa, and cows. The farm is situated on the edge of the rolling hills of the Palouse and not far from his Alma Mater the University of Idaho where he received his B.S. in Agriculture Business. His journey with precision agriculture started in 2003 using a PDA for simple mapping. That evolved into all different types of equipment, including Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) in 2006. Robert is the first farmer to own a use a UAS. His vision and advocacy of these technologies helped him become the Precision Ag Institute
Length (approx): 40 min