Title: PrecisionAg Plenary Session
Date: Wed Aug 3, 2016
Time: 10:40 AM - 12:00 PM
Moderator: N/A
PrecisionAg Awards
Paul Schrimpf (speaker)
Executive Editor
CropLife Media Group
Willoughby, OH, NA 44094
Paul is the Group Editor for the CropLife Media Group at Meister Media Worldwide, with full editorial responsibility for CropLife, CropLife IRON, and AgriBusiness Global.
Length (approx): 20 min
PrecisionAg Plenary: The Big AHA! - How To Future-Proof Your Farm Against The Ten Trends Transforming the World of Tomorrow

Jack Uldrich paints vivid pictures of what the world may look like in just a few short years. He provides an in-depth exploration of how the "Internet of Things," 'Big Data," social media, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, renewable energy and "collaborative consumption" will change everyday life for all of us in the very near future. And he follows through with upbeat, practical and actionable insights on future trends, emerging technologies, innovation, change management and leadership.

Jack Uldrich (speaker)
Length (approx): 60 min