Title: UAVs for Answers
Date: Wed Jul 18, 2018
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:20 PM
Moderator: Steve Phillips
Applications of UAVs in Precision Agriculture

Use of UAVs to evaluate crop growth, development, and performance is a promising area of precision agriculture research. The use of UAVs has presented an alternative due to the flexibility for conducting low altitude flight and facilitating high-resolution imagery. As crop management progresses from large scale uniform management to site-specific using precision agriculture technologies. UAVs are finding space in the evaluation of within-field variation and exploration of different applications related to monitoring vegetation growth (changes in plant height), early-season evaluation of stand counts, determination of nutritional and water statuses, among other potential applications. This session will be focused on discussing potential uses of UAVs in plot research at small and large scale operations. 

Ignacio Ciampitti (speaker)
Associate Professor, Cropping Systems Specialist
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
Dr. Ciampitti's program is focused on assisting agri-business professionals in selecting the best management practices for improving yields under diverse cropping systems with emphasis on corn and soybeans. Ignacio’s research program is focused on maximizing yield and closing yield gaps via implementing best management practices, employing review and synthesis-analyses procedures, investigating interactions between crop production factors and using modeling and remote sensing approaches.
Length (approx): 40 min
Progeny Drones for Research

Progeny Drone Inc. is a startup based on research conducted by Anthony Hearst and Dr. Katy Rainey in the Department of Agronomy at Purdue University. This talk covers major milestones towards the development of the company, including initial research on applications of drones in agriculture, identification of key challenges facing agricultural drone users, development of the technology, customer discovery, and commercialization. 

Anthony Hearst (speaker)
CEO - Progeny Drone Inc.
Purdue University
Anthony has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a master’s degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue University. He is currently a National Science Foundation Fellow and PhD Candidate in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department at Purdue. He has been collecting and processing images from drones for agricultural research since 2013. During this time, he has served as pilot in command for over 100 drone flights and developed software that makes it easy to convert drone imagery into metrics of crop growth and health for research and farm management. He is also CEO of Progeny Drone Inc. - a startup based on his research at Purdue University.
Length (approx): 40 min