Title: International Ag Tech
Date: Thu Jul 19, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Moderator: Steve Phillips
Chilean AgTech in Action

La Rosa Sofruco is one of the oldest and largest fields in Chile. It has 2,100 hectares planted with fruit trees in the same area including orange trees, mandarins, avocado lemons, grape vine, table grapes, European plum, kiwis, pear trees, apricots.

As a leading company in Chile La Rosa Sofruco has been working on a continuous improvement of its agronomic management, to improve quality and productivity, at the same time reduce its environmental impacts. For this purpose, since 2002, the company has been dedicated to incorporating the use of state-of-the-art technology, among which are temperature sensors, soil moisture sensors, the use of active and passive optical sensors, geo referenced soil analysis; GIS management.

In the present work, some examples of the use of state-of-the-art technology that has allowed to reach the productive objectives are presented.

Hugo Poblete Herrera (speaker)
Providencia, Santiago
Agronomist, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Master of Science Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile. Agricultural Manager La Rosa Sofruco for 22 years and others important fruits company in Chile. Guest lecturer in different agricultural projects at different universities. Author and coauthor over 15 technical and extension publications.
Length (approx): 40 min
Precision Ag Consulting in Brazil

This presentation will describe the Brazilian precision ag sector: how it got started and where it is today. Delivered by a leader in Brazilian precision ag, Pedro's talk will cover how consultants are preparing themselves to offer services, how precision services are being used by farmers, and how the players are working together to build the industry. In addition he will look at how Digital Agriculture is influencing the market for service providers and how the various vendors are marketing their products and services in Brazil. He will wrap up with a look at the future of precision ag in Brazil and what factors will play a role in their development. 

Pedro MAGALHAES (speaker)
Curitiba, Parana 80040100
Pedro is an agronomist and farmer in Paraná, Brazil. He owns Agrotecnologia Products and Services, a company dedicated to delivering precision ag products and services to Brazilian farmers. As a consultant he provides soil sampling, scouting, fertilizer recommendations, and general crop consulting. As a farmer he grows soybean, corn, black bean, wheat and barley. He is also the Founder and 2-time President of ABPSAP, the Association of Brazilian Precision Service Providers. He is also a board member of AsBraAP - the Brazilian Association of Precision Ag. Pedro earned his degree from the University Federal of Paraná in Curitiba. After graduation he has continuously worked with technology and software in the agriculture sector. He was a dealer for Farmworks and Precision Planting and now represents AgLeader Technology and Altek (from Germany).
Length (approx): 40 min
Argentina Precision Ag

This presentation covers the current status of precision agriculture adoption in Argentina as well as the main challenges, opportunities and problems developments in its implementation during the last years. Projection and recent developments will also be discussed.

Fernando Garcia (speaker)
Director, Latin America-Southern Cone
Florida, Buenos Aires B1602ABR
Dr. Fernando O. Garcia is Regional Director of the Latin America-Southern Cone program of the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). He develops research and educational programs on soil fertility, fertilizer use and management, and crop production at Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay at Uruguay. His main interest is the efficient use of nutrients, following the 4Rs Nutrient Stewardship concepts, in ecologically intensified cropping systems. Dr. Garcia holds a BS degree in Agronomy from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), and MS and PhD degrees in Soil Fertility/Microbiology from Kansas State University (Manhattan, Kansas, USA). Prior to joining IPNI, Dr. García was research agronomist with INTA (National Institute of Agriculture Technology) at the Balcarce Experimental Station in southern Buenos Aires and Assistant Professor of the National University of Mar del Plata at Balcarce.
Ricardo Melchiori (speaker)
Ricardo Melchiori, is a researcher of National Institute of Agriculture Technology, (INTA) at Parana Experimental Station. Ricardo holds a BS degree in Agronomy from the University of Entre Rios, Paraná (Argentina), and MS in Crop Production from National University of Mar del Plata, (Balcarce, Buenos Aires, Argentina). He develop research and extension activities in soil fertility and crop management in the team of Precision Agriculture Project of INTA. His area of interest is the site-specific nutrients management in wheat and corn, and also the development of remote sensing application for the management of fertilization.
Length (approx): 40 min