Title: Space Tech Update
Date: Wed Jul 29, 2015
Time: 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
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NASA Data and Technology for Precision Ag and How to Get It

Since 1959, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has been studying the planet Earth from Space. As NASA’s only launch center, we fly a lot of birds. Goddard products you probably know include the satellite weather images you see on the news, Landsat, global climate models, and much more. With around 10,000 scientists and engineers, we are the world’s largest earth observation center.  Our network of satellites (plus data from our cooperators around the world) plus our analytical tools can help you better understand vegetation structure, nutrient status, stress responses, water quality and quantity, crop residue quantity and condition, and longer term trends affecting farm and forest operations. A big part of our mission is making this wealth of data, technology, and capabilities available to the American people to better lives and stimulate the economy. Join us to find out what we have and how you can tap into it.

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AGOC...not a Star Trek threat, but the Next Generation for Precision Ag

Can’t farming be simpler?   Yes…with an Agriculture Operations Center—we call it the AGOC…and it’s the next big step for Precision Agriculture.  Leveraging decades of lessons from the US Air Force, the AGOC provides the ability to schedule, execute, collect, consolidate, and distribute all the support a farmer needs from satellites, piloted aircraft, unmanned aircraft, sensing, modeling, and analysis…all packaged into “one stop shopping.”  The result is a plan that makes sense, fused data and information creating a higher level of understanding for the grower, and the kind of user-friendly products a grower wants.  That’s the best of Precision Agriculture.

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