Title: Data Warehouses / Exchanges
Date: Wed Jul 29, 2015
Time: 3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
Moderator: N/A
Solving the Data Problem on the Farm

Data is the problem on many mixed fleet farming operations today.  Data is currently locked in many desperate systems and not made to be “portable”.  A Farmobile PUC can solve these issues by simply passively collecting and connecting farmers to their data in real time regardless of manufacturer. Farmobile then unlocks this data by creating a standardized data layer regardless of manufacturer for the farmer to control and share with existing trusted advisors and partners.  Farmers are in complete control of their data at all times allowing it to flow flawlessly to those entities whose analytics and recommendations can be enhanced with more accurate and timely data.

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Data Warehouses / Exchanges
The ag data space continues to evolve and be disruptive with several companies providing data warehousing and analytic capabilities. In the future, producers will need to provide data to multiple services to receive recommendations or information to apply within their farm business. Therefore, data wwarehousing and exchanges will be important to producers in order to take advantage of the various service or product offerings while gaining value for their business. This presentation will coer characteristics for data warehouse/exchanges to ensure benefits to producrs and their trusted data advisors. 
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