Title: Remote Sensing Panel
Date: Wed Jul 29, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM - 8:50 AM
Moderator: N/A
Satellite System Innovations

Planet Labs will discuss how a new constellation of 'shoebox satellites' may change how satellite imagery will be used in production agriculture. 

Length (approx): min
Blended Remote Sensing Options
Mavrx provides a blended solution for remote sensing. They will discuss how different sources are appropriate for different applications in agriculture.
Length (approx): 0 min
Aerial Platform Innovations

Sky Imaging Mapping Data installs many multi-spectral cameras for Precision Ag, and will present the Canon 51 MP (MegaPixel) 5DS as an FAA approved aerial camera on Cessna 152, 172, 182, 206, and most helicopters.  Medium format resolution for Precision Ag is simple and very low operational cost: 5 inch GSD multispectral NIR imagery with 70% overlap for NDVIs can be down to one penny per acre on large projects. An STC quickly integrates Canons and most any camera, or hyperspectral system, onto 60+ aircraft, domestically & worldwide: FAA, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), and ANAC (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil). Pilots can remove/swap cameras in minutes. A Cessna with one camera is substantially more versatile than a drone due to lower cost of operation, legal in all airspace, larger imaging payload and longer flight plans, yet up to three camera pods are supported on a single Skyhawk.

Length (approx): 0 min
Practical Applications of Remote Sensing Data in Wine Grape Production
E&J Gallo Winery uses remote sensing data to support decision making events in vineyard management and wine grape production in general. Hear how vineyard managers and technical support personnel work with providers to get the right information at the right time to optimize fruit quantity and quality.
Length (approx): 0 min