Title: Sponsor Showcase
Date: Thu Jul 30, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
Moderator: N/A
RapidEye Satellite Imagery on Demand
BlackBridge Monitoring Program for Agriculture leverages the RapidEye constellation of 5 identical satellites, which image up to 5 million km² every day. The program provides access to an enormous pool of 5-meter, 5-band in-season imagery allowing for accurate and timely extraction of crop-relevant information. BlackBridge’s cloud-based delivery and discovery solution lets subscribers have fast and easy access to the acquired imagery over their areas of interest shortly after collection in addition to archived imagery from previous seasons.
Length (approx): 0 min
Using NovAtel CORRECT and TerraStar for High Accuracy Applications
NovAtel CORRECT combines GNSS correction data from TerraStar’s global reference network with NovAtel-designed algorithms to yield robust sub-decimeter positioning without the need for a nearby base station.  In this session, you will learn about precise point positioning (PPP) using TerraStar corrections and how this can be used in applications requiring better than 10cm (4”) accuracy. The talk will explain how PPP works as well as summarizing the benefits and tradeoffs compared to other solutions like RTK and WAAS.  Results from real-world agricultural testing in North and South America will be presented to illustrate what kind of performance a user can expect in both open sky conditions and when operating near tree lines.
Length (approx): 0 min