Title: Sponsor Showcase
Date: Thu Jul 30, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
Moderator: N/A
FarmersEdge: From Boots to Bytes

The technology behind Precision Agriculture is cultivating major advancements in today’s agriculture. Acre by Acre, we are disrupting the way crops are grown, in pursuit of a more sustainable, productive and profitable way to feed the world’s growing demand for food. In the process, it is imperative that farmers have access to simplified one stop solution to easily transfer the complexities of Big Data intelligence to boots in the field action.

Length (approx): 0 min
How FarmLogs Powers the Intelligent Farm

A behind the scenes look into what it takes to create new, meaningful technology products for the modern farm. This session will highlight the FarmLogs platform and why over 80,000 farms trust FarmLogs' field monitoring solution to power their operation. Learn about how recent advancements in technology can accelerate the adoption of precision agriculture, increase farm profitability, and dramatically simplify farm operations. 

Length (approx): 0 min
Understanding, Analyzing, and Decision Making from Mapped Yield Data
Yield monitoring and mapping is by far the most popular precision agriculture practice around the planet. It provides invaluable information on both, scale and location of variability, in crop fields. Yet, farmers and practitioners struggle to translate ‘data’ collected via yield mapping into ‘information’ to ‘decision’ making. This presentation will walk you through the process of yield mapping, calculating instantaneous yields, eliminating errors in yield map, and transforming multiple years of yield data into decision maps.
Length (approx): 0 min