Title: Sponsor Session 2- STARTING AT 2:10PM
Date: Tue Aug 3, 2021
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Moderator: Jason Troendle
Integrate Farm Accounting, Operations and Agronomy for the Future

Traction is an independent technology provider that delivers Farm Business Management Solutions. The value lies within the integration of farm accounting, field operations, and agronomy records for delivering accurate field profit center analysis and revenue tracking. Farmers can collaborate with their accountants, agronomists or other trusted partners using one connected platform. We'll also review our new agronomy solutions and how all the functionality integrates together to drive efficiency and profitability.

Ian Harley (speaker)
Traction CEO, Co-Founder
Traction Ag
Auburn, IN

Ian Harley received his degree in Ag Science, as well as an MBA from Edinburgh University. In 1996, his passion for ag technology got him involved with one of the first farm management desktop systems (Farm Works Software). After 10 years of selling and supporting Farm Works in over 25 countries, Ian was instrumental in growth and success which led to its acquisition. Other key experiences led to the startup of Traction in 2020, a cloud-based farm management solution for integrating accounting, field operations and agronomy information. Today Ian is CEO and Co-Founder of Traction based in Auburn, Indiana.

Aaron Hunt (speaker)
Traction Chief Technology Officer
Traction Ag
State College, PA

Having graduated 20 years ago with a degree in Meteorology, Aaron Hunt was not expecting to devote a career in agricultural technology. While unexpected, he has enjoyed the experience of working in such an essential industry with great people. Aaron has been instrumental in strategy and product development with some of the most important ag technology platforms from past to present, such as AgJunction and Agrian. Today Aaron leads the technology strategy for Traction, focused on agronomy, operations and logistics for service providers and growers.

Length (approx): 10 min
See Change - Change the World

Planet is a leader in the geospatial data and analytics market, with a mission to unlock the commercial remote sensing market and make daily change on our planet visible, accessible and actionable. In agriculture, Planet’s high-resolution, high frequency satellite solutions provide the critical insights necessary for productive, profitable, and sustainable farming. By imaging the entire world, every day, Planet ensures that timely, accurate data about crop health is available to help farmers and the companies that serve them make more informed, confident decisions.

Misty Tucker (speaker)
Global Industry Principal - Agriculture
Kimberly, ID 83341

My name is Misty Tucker and I am a professional agronomist with 15 years of experience in the agricultural industry. My previous experience includes plant breeding, conducting field trials, retail agriculture, precision agronomics, drone data capture, and aerospace application in the agricultural vertical. In my personal life, I am a mother of four daughters, a 4H leader, and run a small family farm. I have a passion for agriculture and finding ways to improve our processes and capabilities to better serve fellow agronomists, growers, and our planet. 

Length (approx): 10 min
As Operations Expand, How Do We Exceed Service Demands and Attract More Customers?

Learn how technology is not only helping service providers meet current demands, but also enhancing outcomes, all while opening up available time to onboard and service new customers.

Taylor Wetli (speaker)

Taylor Wetli is a regional sales manager for Solinftec, a technology provider built exclusively for agriculture, based in West Lafayette, IN. Wetli was raised on a family farm in Indiana and later obtained his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. Following graduation, Wetli worked in business management to build a diverse skill set before making his way back to agriculture when joining Solinftec. With two years of experience at Solinftec, Wetli has grown with the company from the early stages of product development partnerships with the Solinftec Retail solution, to managing a large region of the US for sales.

Length (approx): 10 min
Enterprise Scalability & Connectivity for Drones

Pix4D is working to make drone data collection more scalable and profitable for businesses. When the unique technologies of PIX4Dfields edge processing are coupled with Pix4D Connect, enterprise users can enjoy rapid and scalable data collection. Join Pix4D's Nathan Stein and learn how this can save you time and money in the field as well as improve your customer's experience.

Nathan Stein (speaker)
Senior Business Development Manager, Agriculture - North America
, IA, NA

Nathan is a 5th generation farmer from Iowa and holds a B.S. in civil engineering from Iowa State University.  He has been involved in precision ag since 2011, started with senseFly as an application engineer in 2014, pioneered the "Drone to Tractor" workflow with Pix4D in 2015, and “Aerial Scouting” workflow in 2018. He contributed to the development of the industry’s first mass-produced multispectral camera for ag, the Parrot Sequoia.  Nathan has served as the chair of the Remote Sensing Working Group at Ag Gateway and led the PICS specification development. Nathan joined the Pix4D team this spring as their business development in North America.  

Length (approx): 10 min
Hidden Potential in Crop Insurance

A look at how Farmers Mutual Hail leverages new technology in an old industry, including testing aerial imagery for crop claims, incorporating precision ag data for more accurate coverage, and exploring technology beyond the field for insurance agents.

Dawn Stoppelmoor (speaker)
Business Development Precision Solutions
Farmers Mutual Hail
West Des Moines, IA, NA 50266

Dawn’s unique background in information technology, program management, product development and business development has allowed her to contribute as an innovative thoughtful leader. Her strength is in connecting dissimilar thoughts, ideas and products to create creative go-forward solutions. Dawn is a Loras College graduate and has her MBA from Drake University. Prior to coming to FMH in 2016, Dawn worked at Principal Financial Group for 8 years followed by twelve years at Nationwide Insurance in IT and as a senior business development consultant.

Length (approx): 10 min
Capturing Data Points in the Grain Supply Chain

Bushel’s experts will break down the different key data points throughout the grain supply chain that will power forward the architecture of Ag’s digital infrastructure. By understanding these key data points, agribusinesses today will better understand what technologies will provide the data needed by the rest of the grain supply chain.

Dane Braun (speaker)
VP of Product
Fargo, ND 58102

Dane Braun is the VP of Product for Bushel. He works to expand the footprint of Bushel along with the features that are offered through the platform. Dane also works with partners to make seamless connections for farmers and ranchers. Dane holds a masters degree in agribusiness and applied economics from North Dakota State University. Prior to joining Bushel, Dane was an Agricultural Strategist for North Dakota Farmers Union, where he worked with state policymakers along with North Dakota cooperatives. Dane is a farm kid who grew up on a family farm near Wheaton, Minn., where his parents grow corn and soybeans. Someday, he and his wife Tianna hope to return to the farm. Shocker alert: Dane enjoys farming in his free time. He’s also partial to snowmobiling in the mountains.

Length (approx): 10 min