Chris Weaver

Senior Vice President Agronomy
Monty's Plant and Soil Products

Chris Weaver is a sixth-generation farmer from Finksburg, Maryland.  He and his wife, Megan, farm with with parents and have two children Mackenzie and Charlie.  They raise corn, soybeans and rye. Their operation has a feedlot where they finish cattle for local markets. The rye is all grown for Sagamore Distillery in Baltimore, Maryland. Chris took over running the day-to-day operations in 2008. Through that transition process, he started the journey to look at products and increasing corn and bean yields. They started increasing corn yield to where they are today - growing over 300 bushel to the acre. In 2014 soybeans became a passion and they created a personal goal of hitting 200 bushel per acre.  In 2017 they managed to grow 136 bushel beans and in 2018 repeated that yield. They made great strides in 2019 when they were able to grow 127 bushel beans; however in 2020 they increased the yield to 158 bushel.  In 2020, Chris started filming on a reality show, The Podfather, to see which of the 6 U.S. farmers could grow the highest yielding beans. Spoiler alert: Chris won the contest in 2020.  During his keynote, Chris will share his story of how they got to where they are today including challenges along the way and how technology and their ag retail partner influenced the operations of their farm.