InfoAg 2021 Presentation
Sponsor Session 1- STARTING AT 10:10AM

Regency AB
Tue, Aug 3, 2021
11:00am to 11:20am

Transforming the Tsunami of Ag Data into Practical and Innovative Insights

Agribusinesses are partners with their customers in managing the tsunami of data associated with growing on a farm or ranch. This information can range from weather forecasts to agronomic operations to market trends.  Producers need this information to maximize their harvest and ensure a good bottom line at the end of the season.  To effectively do this, individual sellers and agronomists  who support farmers and ranchers cannot be expected to digest all the data about an operation on their own, but rather they need to rely on model driven insights that guide their decisions to help deliver customized, effective information and results to their customers.  This presentation will share how DTN is evolving decision support tools and insights that will continue to better serve our agribusiness partners and producers.  


Karolyn Terpstra

Product Manager

Karolyn Terpstra is a product manager at DTN who is focused on innovation of their B2B ag product portfolio, particularly digital tools that provide insights to both agronomists and sellers.  She joined DTN in May 2020 when DTN acquired ClearAg from Iteris.  Prior to joining ClearAg, Karolyn held plant breeding, trait development, and product management roles at Syngenta and product management roles at Monsanto.  Karolyn studied agronomy at Colorado State and plant breeding at Michigan State and holds a Masters in IP Law from Michigan State University College of Law.  She also earned her MBA from the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium.  Karolyn is passionate about helping producers, and the partners that support them, to be more profitable and efficient.