InfoAg 2021 Presentation
Sponsor Session 1- STARTING AT 10:10AM

Regency AB
Tue, Aug 3, 2021
10:20am to 10:40am


In this session, Proagrica will discuss how networks are a solution to solving the challenges of data sharing and integration investment in agriculture.  As an industry, we have been on a journey within agriculture, working with growers to collect data and produce actionable results.  What has remained constant is trust being a fundamental for sharing data in agriculture.  What has changed is the increase in volume of data, the variety of mechanisms that facilitate sharing, and the investment needed to translate, ingest and standardize agricultural data.  Proagrica’s believes to fully unlock the potential of agriculture data we need to continually strive for seamless data interoperability to strengthen engagement up and down the supply chain.   Quote from CEO @ Top 25 Crop life 100 ag-retailer, “We as retailers need to work together with manufacturers in a way that draws on both of our strengths and helps both sides.  Manufacturers have excellent research data and algorithms that we can use to provide better services to growers.  Retail has the relationship with the growers that are needed to put this data to use in the field”. 


Patrick Sanders

Director of Strategic Business Development

As Director of Strategic Business Development, I drive business in the Americas for the input manufacturer and food processor verticals. My team focuses on increasing agricultural productivity and profitability by consulting with organizations, developing solutions and facilitating the implementation of technology across the agricultural supply chain. Over the past +20 years I have been fortunate to work growers, ag retail, consultants, input manufactures, equipment companies, food processors and standards organizations, each having various definitions of what it takes to be successful in agriculture. My roots in ag started at Sanders Farms in Central Illinois, which drives my ultimate goal of maximizing grower sustainability and profitably.