InfoAg 2021 Presentation

Grand ABC
Tue, Aug 3, 2021
1:00pm to 1:10pm

Transitioning to Robotics in Row-Crop Production

Over the last decade several advancements have been made in the area of robotics and automation in agriculture. This presentation will focus on the automation and autonomy trends in agriculture with a focus on transitioning to robotics in broad acre row-crop production. Some important technological challenges that are impeding the advancement of robotics in row-crop production applications will be discussed. An overview of   Nebraska Robotic test-beds deployed in research field plots will be presented with a discussion on work related to logistics of robotic operations and autonomy.


Santosh Pitla

Associate Professor
University of Nebraska Lincoln

Santosh Pitla is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Santosh’s research is in the area of agricultural robotics, control architectures for safe and secure operation of autonomous equipment, and tractor power characterization for multiple operations. Currently, he directs the Advanced Machinery Systems Laboratory (AMSL) at the BSE department comprising of a team six graduate students and five undergraduate students. AMSL lab houses three tiered robotic platforms for developing individual and multi-robot control architectures. These three tiered robotic platforms are operated in greenhouses, and research fields. Santosh also has a teaching appointment and teaches Sensors and Controls in Agri-Industries, Electricity, Hydraulic Power, and Embedded Control Systems to mechanization management and agricultural engineering students.