InfoAg 2021 Presentation

Grand ABC
Tue, Aug 3, 2021
12:30pm to 12:40pm

Why Autonomy?

When embarking on a startup, the first question posed is what problem are you trying to solve. Meanwhile, if you’re going to solve a problem as a startup, make it a big one - make it audacious! We’re going to review the fundamental problem autonomy solves, our approach, what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve learned, and where we’re headed.


Craig Rupp

Sabanto, Inc.

Craig started his career in 1988 as a hardware engineer at Motorola, designing and developing the first GSM and Iridium mobile stations and John Deere in 2002, developing the Starfire receiver and Greenstar display. 

In 2002, Craig founded ATG, providing RF manufacturing software, acquired by National Instruments in 2005. As a Chief Measurement Architect, he developed AM, FM, RDS, Bluetooth, GSM, EDGE, CDMA2k, EVDO, WCDMA, and LTE solutions.

In 2012, Craig founded 640 Labs, developing the 640 Drive, acquired by Monsanto in 2014. He then made his FieldView Drive one of the most ubiquitous and low-cost data collection devices in agriculture.

In 2018, Craig founded Sabanto, a company that provides autonomous solutions. He was the first to autonomously plant a farmer’s field in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana.

Raised on a farm in Iowa, he earned his BSEE at Iowa State in 1988 and MSEE from Illinois Tech in 1990. He currently has 14 patents.