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St. Louis, Missouri

Speaker Details

InfoAg 2019

Tim Norris
Eastern Region Business Director
Smart Ag
Tim Norris has has always had a passion for Agriculture and Technology. He had his eyes opened the first time he saw a Variable Rate Fertilizer Spreader in operation in Central Illinois in 1995. He has been involved in Precision Ag ever since. He helped start the Precision Ag Departments at 3 different, Central Ohio Co-op's and started his own Precision Ag Business, Ag Info Tech in 2004. Ag Info Tech was named 2015's Most Valuable Dealership by Precision Farming Dealer Magazine in 2015. Tim grew Ag Info Tech from a one man operation in 2004 to 12 team members that sold over $3 million of Precision Ag Technologies and Services per year. Tim believes in providing Precision with a Purpose. Helping his customers solve problems with technology has been his driving force. Tim has since sold Ag Info Tech to two Co-op's and two of his Team Members. Tim is excited to have taken on the challenge of developing the Eastern Region Business unit for Smart Ag. Smart Ag has developed an autonomous platform to help with one of agricultures greatest needs, labor. Tim is taking his experience and helping develop Smart Ag's dealers to be able to bring autonomy to farmers in a safe, beneficial, and professional way.