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St. Louis, Missouri

Speaker Details

InfoAg 2019

Zachary Harmer
North American Sales & Support Manager
SoilOptix Inc.
Tavistock, Ontario
Zach Harmer is North American Sales & Support Manager for SoilOptix® Inc providing high definition soil nutrient and texture maps to growers and agronomists. Raised surrounding the agricultural industry and a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography from Brock University, Zach provides a fresh look into soil technology utilizing his strength in GIS and geostatistics. Zach started as a summer student with Practical Precision (Paul and Barry Raymer) and resumed his role in 2017 under the SoilOptix® Inc namesake. Zach and the SoilOptix® Inc. team are committed to providing a new standard in the industry of high definition soil data to assist the grower and agronomist for more profitable and sustainable management decisions on their field.