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St. Louis, Missouri


InfoAg 2019 Presentation
Valuing Data and Analytics

Grand D
Wed, Jul 24, 2019
4:40pm to 4:50pm

Last Mile Digital Services for Smallholder Farmers

At the Gates Foundation we focus on innovations that help smallholder farmers leapfrog many systemic constraints they face in raising their productivity and incomes. We believe that digitally-enabled technologies and services can rapidly increase our ability to create and use smallholder data, scale relevant information and knowledge, provide soil health and crop nutrition insights, and increase access to financial services and connect farmers to markets, helping farmers move from subsistence to farming as a business. Our goal is that within 10 years, at least half (50%) of the smallholder farmers in our focus geographies are benefitting from digitally-enabled services. We make riskier investments to advance cost-effective technologies and business models and support scaled platforms that harness the interests of the public sector, the private sector, and smallholder farming communities.


Stewart Collis

Gates Foundation