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St. Louis, Missouri


InfoAg 2019 Presentation
Sponsor Showcase 1

Regency AB
Tue, Jul 23, 2019
1:40pm to 2:20pm

Find Your 20

An increase of 20 percent efficiency in your operation is no small figure. This is a percentage you will feel. And finding an extra 20 percent of anything, especially from an experience with one family of products, is nearly unheard of. Until now. 20 percent is what ag retailers are finding when they use Raven’s Connected Workflow™ solutions to sync their operations from office to field and back again. Through work order generation, field application, and real-time invoice creation, everything runs faster and more precisely than ever before. It’s all thanks to Raven bringing together the capabilities of AgSync, Slingshot, and Viper 4 into one solution designed to work together and integrate with your existing systems to create a closed loop and seamless workflow process. It means more visibility, control, and accuracy, all rolled up into an intuitive system that is also easy to use. That’s a whole lot of efficiency. And it could all be yours. Come find your 20.


Paul Welbig

Director of Slingshot Services and Logistics
Raven Applied Technology