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St. Louis, Missouri

Speaker Details

InfoAg 2018

Steve Cubbage
Owner and President
Prime Meridian
Nevada, MO 64772
With more than a decade-and-a-half of hands-on experience in the precision farming business and a lifetime of experience as an agriculture producer, Steve Cubbage and Justin Ogle created Prime Meridian in 2007.

Cubbage grew up on a family farm in southwest Missouri. He attended the University of Missouri where he received Bachelor of Science degrees in Agriculture Economics and Agricultural Journalism.

In 1992 Steve returned to his families farm to partner with his father, Robert Cubbage. In 1995 they installed their first yield monitor on a John Deere 9500 combine, Terra fertilizer plant introduced GPS grid-soil sampling to area farmers and Steve realized that no one really knew what to do with all this data.

To help make sense of the data, Steve purchased precision agriculture software for his farming operation. He soon found himself answering questions from fellow farmers and working with their precision data.

Prime Meridian was formed from the recognition of the growing need for farmers and retailers to collaborate when it comes to precision agriculture data. Cubbage, his fellow employees and partners continue to build an independent, safe and secure home for precision agriculture data that serves growers and their local agronomic professionals.