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St. Louis, Missouri


InfoAg 2017 Presentation
Weather Data Roundtable

Grand BC
Thu, Jul 27, 2017
9:20am to 9:30am

ClearAg- Environmental Information for Agriculture: What do you REALLY need?

The talk will focus on a better paradigm than using the same weather parameters we have traditionally been able to measure with weather stations, where the user is using mental “algorithms” to translate the weather info into decisions.  For example, using rainfall data in conjunction with potential evapotranspiration values (which in turn are often derived from simplistic assumptions that can now be explicitly modeled) as an indicator of water availability for the crop.  In this case, the  user is really needing to know whether there is enough moisture in the soil for the plants to access, and that can be explicitly modeled with more complicated physical equations, making the guidance more relevant and accurate.  Other examples will be provided (spraying, harvesting, etc.).


Brent Shaw

VP of Weather Content and Customer Success
Iteris ClearAg