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St. Louis, Missouri


InfoAg 2017 Presentation
Sponsor Showcase

Regency AB
Wed, Jul 26, 2017
2:20pm to 2:40pm

Driving Grower Profitability through Precision Decisions

With ever tightening margins in production ag, the search for management practices that result in documental return on investment has never been greater. While return on investment is a critical metric, what really matters​ is that we are making informed decisions that drive profitability at the grower level. As technology becomes more of a fixture on our farms, the opportunity for us to plan, execute and evaluate the decisions takes on a whole new level of granularity. Over the course of this presentation, we will explore strategies in executing precision practices that maximize grower profitably in the context of the logistical, economic and agronomic reality unique to each grower.


Markus Braaten

Manager of Agronomic Precision Services
Agri-Trend® a Division of Trimble