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St. Louis, Missouri


InfoAg 2017 Presentation
The Business of Precision

Grand D
Tue, Jul 25, 2017
1:40pm to 2:20pm

The New and Old Ways to Make Money in Precision Services

In the age of “freemium services” or in some cases simply “giving away the farm” when it comes to precision services - how does one make money? Ironically, the sure money may not always come from the next big thing like Big Data Analytics or the Nitrogen “model of the day”. Instead, growers and service providers can reap benefits by just doing the basics - and doing the basics right. In some cases some companies are now even paying producers - and in turn precision providers - to collect even the most basic field data. Discover how this new market for “old” data is evolving and what’s ahead and the technology that’s finally making it practical. 


Steve Cubbage

Owner and President
Record Harvest