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St. Louis, Missouri

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InfoAg 2016

Yuxin Miao
China Agricultural University
Beijing 100193
Dr. Yuxin Miao got his Ph.D degree in Soil Science/Precision Agriculture from University of Minnesota in 2005, and worked at the Precision Agriculture Center of University of Minnesota for post-doctoral research from 2005 to 2006, and started to work as associate professor of precision agriculture in China Agricultural University in 2007. Dr. Miao received the Pierre C. Robert Precision Agriculture Young Scientist Award in 2012, Outstanding Chinese Alumni Award of University of Minnesota in 2014, and National Teaching Achievement Award of Chinese Ministry of Education in 2014. Dr. Miao's research and extension/outreach programs focus on precision crop management, especially using proximal and remote sensing technologies to improve crop nitrogen management, and developing integrated precision crop management systems for high crop yield and resource use efficiencies and protection of the environment. He services as associate editors for Precision Agriculture and Agronomy for Sustainable Development, and China Representative at ISPA. He is founding Leader of the Precision Nitrogen Management Community of ISPA.