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St. Louis, Missouri

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InfoAg 2016

Alan Madison
Madison Farms
Married in 1970 to Janice, have two daughters. Graduated from Western Illinois University in 1970 with Ag Mechanization Degree. Served in the Army 1970-72. Completed Masters degree in Agronomy from University of Illinois (Off Campus program) in 1993. Worked for Soil Conservation Service/Natural Resource Conservation Service for 27 years after military service. Started farming (Home Farm) in 1979. Farmed part-time until 1997 when I started farming full time. Have used no-till practices since 1981, started strip tilling in 1995. Have been using technology since 1999 when I started yield monitoring & mapping with SMS Ag Leader software. Have used variable rate spreading of fertilizer, sidedressing nitrogen and planting population for more than ten years. Started putting dry fertilizer on in the strips fall of 2015. Have used cover crops on some fields last 3 years. Grew my own Rye for seed for cover crop this year. Have plots for N rates, corn & soybean varieties, planting population, insecticide use, micro nutrients & urea on high yielding soybeans. Monitor corn plants with tissue testing, stalk nitrate test & spad meter readings to determine if additional nitrogen is needed. Willing to try new technology as long as it is economically beneficial to our farming operation.