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St. Louis, Missouri


InfoAg 2016 Presentation
Sponsor Showcase

Regency AB
Wed, Aug 3, 2016
1:20pm to 1:40pm

NovAtel and PrecisionHawk: Delivering Accurate, Actionable Drone Data

This presentation will discuss the need and differentiating value of Novatel’s Waypoint, Inertial Explorer software in helping to provide PrecisionHawk users with the highest accuracy one-click approach to LiDAR and hyperspectral post-processing for Agriculture.

With PrecisionHawk’s drone and drone data platform, businesses have greater access to low-cost, low-altitude data collection than ever before. High-end LiDAR and hyperspectral imaging sensors provide an entirely new perspective and deliver actionable information that can impact decision-making throughout the season. To harness the power of these technologies you need the right platform, data and precise position information in order to capture and deliver meaningful insight from your aerial imagery. By piecing together all the advanced technologies on the back end, PrecisionHawk is able to deliver actionable results, through an easy to use platform to assist with asset management on the farm throughout the season.


Gordon Ryley

Precision Agriculture Segment Manager
NovAtel Inc

Thomas Haun

Executive Vice President